The animal kingdom has the most amazing traits that we wish we had. Humans may be at the top of the food chain, but they aren’t as clever, smart or agile as some the animals. Animals straight up excel humans in some of the traits as they continue to survive in the wild, wild world. Here are some of the things animals can do better than humans.

1. Strength

Strength in animals is terrifyingly too much. On average humans can lift up to 1.7 times of their body weight. An elephant can lift 600 pounds just with its trunk. You may think that an elephant might be the strongest animal because its trunk has so many muscles and can lift heaviest objects with ease. A record for the heaviest deadlift is of 1020 pounds. The rhinoceros beetle is an insect and the strongest animal found. The horn on its head can lift up to 850 times the weight of its body mass, in theory. 850 times weight of an average human equates to an adult blue whale.

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2. Vision

Most of the birds have incredible vision and they can see colors that a human eye can’t see. In fact, there are so many different colors in the world that our eyes can’t perceive. Birds have extra color cones in their retina. Eagles have the best sight of all. They have the ability to see an ant on the ground while soaring high in the sky in addition to a complete 360-degree vision and extra range of colors which is sensitive to UV light. Not only birds but cats too have good sight. It takes about two minutes for a human eye to adjust to the dark while a cat can immediately adjust with a perfect vision.

3. Flying

I guess we all can agree that we have at least once in our lifetime wanted to soar high in the sky like birds. Flying is an ability that birds and some insects have, a trait obviously lacked by humans. You can definitely fly these days, but you will have to pay at least $100 plus a routine checking of bags and don’t forget the jetlag. Flying is a trait unique to animals.

4. Speed

Animals are also faster than humans. Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive having a record-breaking speed of 27.79 miles per hour recorded during a 100-meter sprint. Animals have speed traits like no humans. Cheetah is said to be the fastest animal on land having the speed of 60 miles per hours almost twice the speed of the fastest human being. Cheetah has unique traits in addition to speed they are very patient as well. Cheetah may be the fastest animal on land, but an even faster animal exists in the water. Sailfish is the fastest fish and has a speed of 68 miles per hour which isn’t close enough to the peregrine falcon which flies at a speed of 80 miles per hour.

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