If you have made plans to gallivant around French vineyards, vodka in Poland and pasta in Italy then you’re in luck. It’s because if you like to hop from one country to another, you’ll find taking your phone overseas likely to be quite easy. And it’s great to know that you may not even have to switch some other SIM cards while traveling abroad, thanks to more reasonable overseas roaming options from the providers of Australia. That’s why you can get a travel SIM or pick up a local one on arrival if you want to use your own plan. So, here we’re with top picks for your best options with Telstra international call rates prepaid with some other providers and most of the plans of all providers are close to the same price and inclusions.

Well, let’s know about some providers and their plan’s details about the overseas roaming service in Europe.

Advantages of Using Roaming Pack

The first and foremost advantage of using a roaming pack is that it not just comes with the low hassle; it also offers you to keep your own number with you. But, they’re best for short trips that are not longer than 7 days as the costs add up rapidly. As you’ll get many mobile providers and prepaid brands offer for overseas roaming, but not from all, what you have to do is that you just check with your carrier to find out whether they offer overseas roaming. So, you’ll usually be charged pay-as-you-go rates and they add up very rapidly if they allow. But, don’t forget one thing that roaming rates can vary from one country to another.

Telstra Global Roaming

If you’re customers on its priciest Telstra SIM only mobile plans, then you’ll get the option to use roaming perks from Telstra. But, if you’re not the priciest plan user, you can choose their Day Pass for $10/$5 for every day where both options apply to most popular travel destinations of Europe. No matter just for this country, the plans are applicable to most of the traveling countries. But, they’re different from Optus’ Travel Pack as Telstra Day Pass doesn’t let you stack your data allowance and it’s just 200MB for daily basis. What’s more, if you go into your every day 200MB of free data then it’ll automatically include another 500MB for $10 with a 31-day expiry. However, if you’ve not gone beyond your daily 200MB, you won’t consume into this data. Don’t forget, before you leave Australia, you’ll need to activate Telstra Air.

Optus Global Roaming

When you like to use Optus global roaming feature, you’ll have to use its high-end postpaid plans. If not, you can choose from their budget-friendly postpaid deal that comes with the title of ‘Optus Travel Pack’ and it’ll allow you to roam a day just for $10. Both options relate to most well-liked travel destinations as it refers to as ‘Zone 1’ countries. In addition, you’ll get to collect data by shopping multiple packs right away from this travel pack.


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